About Minarin’s Korean Shopping Service

Welcome ^^~ My name is Minarin (미나린).Thank you for visiting~

The purpose of MinarinShop is to act as a bridge for people who can’t purchase the items they want for reasons such as not having a credit card or a PayPal account, and/or because the merchant won’t ship overseas.

MinarinShop is a safe, affordable, and easy alternative, offering:

  • Worldwide shipping
  • Multiple payment options, including concealed cash
  • Super-fast, respectful, professional + friendly customer service
  • Several discounted shipping options
  • An excellent service; priority is on you.




PROBLEM #1: Merchant won’t accept my payment! PROBLEM #2: Merchant won’t ship to me!
Online payment service - MinarinShop makes the transaction on your behalf. This can be for online shopping, buying online game cash, etc. Payment + Shipping service - In addition to making the payment, MinarinShop can forward mail to your location (ie: overseas merchant will not ship to your location).
Mail forwarding - You can also just use my address as your own (available in United States, Canada, Japan, and South Korea) and pay for the items yourself (no payment service).



  • Group orders / sprees / wholesale: MinarinShop also periodically hosts group orders for various online shopping sites (mainly Korean). This is particularly useful for people who only want to order a few items, or who want to order from websites with a minimum order amount.
  • Storage / Combined shipping for multiple orders: If you want to have multiple, separate orders shipped together as one package, I can help to accommodate your shopping habits & save on shipping!
  • Payment gateway: If you are a merchant who only accepts PayPal or online payments, consider working with MinarinShop to seamlessly provide further options to your customers.
  • I am also open to providing other services, so please inquire ^^